The key ingredient to PHTV’s culturally-specific production process stems from the iterative design. It calls for going back and forth between community residents and medical/academic experts to refine content to ensure materials are culturally relevant but also medically accurate.

Data demonstrating impact


  • A screening & awareness TV campaign resulting in 1,606 calls to the Urban Cancer Hotline and connecting people with screening locations and cancer information


  • A quasi-experimental field test of a culturally specific video about African Americans and clinical trials demonstrating a 19.3% point increase in willingness to participate in a clinical trial among participants who heard a physician lecture and saw the video versus a 4.1 % point increase among those who only heard the physician talk about clinical trials


  • An experimental clinical test of the clinical trials video among African American cancer patients with more than 50% stating it helped them in deciding to participate in a clinical trial

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