Patient Education

Raising awareness among African Americans about the importance of clinical trials in cancer treatment was a major focus of the Urban Cancer Project®. PHTV used its culturally-specific production process to create this video that was tested in a clinical setting among patients and in community settings.

Provider Education

This video contains excerpts from a 20-minute training video that uses the lived experiences of African American residents in Cleveland’s public housing estates to help providers understand some of the daily living issues along with ethnomedical values and beliefs that may act as barriers or facilitators to participating in state of the art cancer care.

TV News Packages

This package is one of a collection of stories broadcast on News 5 (Cleveland’s ABC affiliate) as part of the Urban Cancer Project® to raise awareness about risk factors and screening.


This Emmy award-winning documentary profiles the story of an African American family’s experience navigating cancer care in Cleveland.

Digital Initiatives

This community-based digital project created by Vessel Work, a Cleveland-based nonprofit, used videos from the Urban Cancer Project® as part of a Friday-night live series streamed from a popular downtown barber shop to educate African Americans about health issues.

Spanish-language videos

This video is one of a series of DVDs produced in partnership with the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Trials Participation to educate Hispanics about chronic diseases and the importance of clinical research.

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